My TalentLMS eLearning hours are not tracked

Should you run into issues regarding fulfilling the E-learning hours and completion rate, take note of the important points below.

1. Do the e-learning on your computer, and if you previously opened TalentLMS on the web browser of your phone/tablet, please close that first before opening it on your computer.

2. Clear your cookies on your web browser. You may refer to this link here to find out how

3. Do NOT open TalentLMS lessons in multiple tabs. TalentLMS won’t record if you aren’t on the actual tab of the eLearning.

4. Continuously switching between external websites and TalentLMS can confuse the system.

5. If you are checking time spent while still watching the eLearning, the time spent will not be updated.

6. Check if any cyber/company security you have, allows for TalentLMS to track your timing.

 If the e-learning hours are still not recorded, inform your trainer immediately.