Can I use PSEA funds?

The Post-Secondary School Account (PSEA) is available only to Singaporeans over the age of 16. After graduating secondary school, your PSEA will be closed around the middle of the year in which you turn 31.  Any unused funds in the PSEA will be transferred to your CPF-OA. Once transferred to CPF-OA, it cannot be reversed to PSEA and will be subjected to CPF-OA usage rules.

Alternatively, you can opt to transfer the balance to your sibling’s existing PSEA (if applicable) when you receive the transfer option letter from MOE in the year you turn 31 years old.

Please note that once you leave secondary school your account will take a while to be converted from an Edusave Account to a Post Secondary Education Account. Funds in an Edusave account will not be able to be used yet.

To check your account call the PSEA hotline at 6260 0777.