How do I claim SkillsFuture Credits for my course?

All Skillsfuture Credit claims are to be submitted no later than one week before class commences. reserves the right to withdraw you from the class if the payment is not made and retain your nett fee and/or application fee.

You may follow the step-by-step guide shown below:

1. Go to

2.  Click on "Submit SkillsFuture Credit Claims"

3. Click on the Singpass icon and log in with your Singpass.

4. Check that your account has sufficient Credits for the course

5. Under “Search by Course Name/Ref No.” enter in the course code (TGS-XXXXXXXXXX), this code can be found in your invoice, and press search.

*NOTE: Leave the training provider field 

8. Check that the correct course title* appears, click on the blue square arrow to proceed.

NOTE: If you are enrolled for an on-campus class it should NOT have synchronous learning at the end of the title


9. Select the ”Course Start Date” tab to choose your course start date


10. Click on the calendar to choose the date.
      The course start date of your course can be found in your invoice



11. Enter the student nett fees to be paid by you including GST



12. Enter the amount you are going to claim. 

If your course is $10 and you have sufficient credits, you can claim the full $10


If your course is $10 and you only have $9 left, please claim $9 and inform our admin staff  immediately.


13. Click on Tap to upload documents.
Upload your invoice OR a screenshot of  your Notice of Acceptance email.


14. Check the T&C checkbox and hit submit. 

You're done!