How do I submit a PSEA form?

Upon enrolment, all Skillsfuture Credit claims and PSEA forms are to be submitted no later than one week before class commences. reserves the right to withdraw you from the class if the payment is not made and retain your nett fee and/or application fee.

Here is a link to the PSEA form

Please submit it as a clear photo or the PDF to +65 8875 6778 via Whatsapp.

For the fields please fill them in as such

Name as in NRIC/BC: Your name as per NRIC
Contact No: Your mobile number
Institution Name: “Textile and Fashion Training Centre”
Usage Category: “SSG-SKLUPG”
Course/Fee Description: Course name as per your invoice
Course Code: Course code as per your invoice
Course/Fee Amount: PSEA amiable amount as per your invoice

For qualification students please do note you will be required to fill in one form per module only.